To find out about our curriculum at The Coppice Academy we have produced a booklet which outlines each course we offer.

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The school aims through its curriculum to:

  • ensure that pupils have experience of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, and aesthetic and creative education during the compulsory period of education
  • provide pupils with a broad and balanced education
  • foster pupils’ creativity
  • develop essential skills in speaking and listening, numeracy, literacy and ICT, and learning skills
  • promote health and wellbeing
  • inspire a commitment to lifelong learning and
  • offer all pupils the opportunity to learn and make progress, encouraging high standards
  • develop spiritual, moral and social awareness
  • prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

We have four learning pathways through the key stages that are designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of our children:


Children generally functioning between P-Levels 4-7, and having severe learning difficulties. These difficulties may be associated with their physical or medical disability and children may also have sensory and/or communication difficulties.  The curriculum is based on developing key learning concepts through the delivery of Thematic Units. Learning challenges are developed to reflect different aspects of the statutory curriculum in a stimulating and challenging programme based around a common theme for the term. Each child’s progress is tracked against wider holistic skills development (social, communication, and physical) as well as against personal progress in key subject strands, including Literacy and Maths.


Learners Curriculum Pathway – Children generally functioning at P8 and above, and may have moderate or specific learning difficulties and/or communication difficulties, sometimes associated with their physical, medical or sensory needs. This curriculum is more typical of a mainstream school offer. At Key Stages 4 and 5, students access formal accreditation such as Entry Level and Functional Skills qualifications.


Students are generally working at NC 2 and above. Students study programmes based on the National Curriculum. Our curriculum offer reflects our belief in the importance of cross curricular learning which makes clear links between different subject areas within a meaningful overall context. Children become immersed in the context and learning becomes purposeful and meaningful.


Students are working at NC 3 and above. Students work towards a range of accreditation at KS4 including level 1 NCFE Maths and GCSE.

As the needs of our children evolve, we continually assess the most appropriate pathway for them. This sometimes means creating groups that can blur the boundaries between key stages, and children can move between pathways to achieve a personalised model to meet individual needs.  Pathways can overlap – with sensory children working with emerging learner groups, and likewise, emerging learners often work with our developing learners.  This offers freedom for children to progress into more appropriate pathways as they develop their skills and learning.

For more information about each subject curriculum areas please see our long term overview.

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